Staying calm under pressure at work

Easier said than done, right?

Stress and pressure can creep up on the best of us, wherever we are. But in a work situation, it’s really important to keep your cool and stay professional.

Be resilient – you owe it to yourself

We all have daily pressures at work. Hard deadlines, pushy managers, un-cooperative customers the list goes on. However, if you’re constantly stressed out at work it can not only affect your productivity and relationships, but it can seriously damage the quality of your life. Both in the office and at home. So getting a handle on becoming more resilient and staying calm at work are skills worth getting to grips with.

Actors are required to deliver exceptional performance under intense pressure and scrutiny and consistently put themselves forward for new experiences. Their resilience helps them perform more successfully in even the most difficult and demanding work situations.

The truth of the matter is that you cannot control people around you but you can control how you behave. One of the tricks to being resilient is all about remaining calm under pressure and being in control of your observable behaviours. And these are skills you can learn.

Staying composed under pressure

The ability to feel calm and project resilience when under pressure from a difficult individual is usually impossible unless you have extensive experience coping with similar people. However, the problem here is that people are individuals and it’s impossible to prepare for every likely scenario you may come across. But you can develop techniques that enable you to instantly look and feel in control, even in the most challenging of situations.

Our module Staying Composed Under Pressure approaches resilience in a unique and surprising way. It focuses on simple methods to adapt your external behaviours that in turn have an extraordinary ability to make you feel in control and strong enough to embrace challenges and effectively tackle any difficult individual or work situation with confidence.

Learn to say no with confidence and integrity

Remaining calm in difficult and challenging situations is one part of being resilient, but being able to professionally and confidently explain why the answer must sometimes be “No”. Whether that’s to address unrealistic expectations, challenge someone’s view or turn down a request. Having some practical tools under your belt to stay strong and maintain credibility while managing and maintaining positive relationships, in even the toughest circumstances is really important. Our module Say No with Confidence and Integrity can really help with this.

Plan and prepare for difficult conversations

Planning and rehearsal is always key to remaining in control and being resilient. If you know that you will have to tackle a difficult conversation or meeting in advance it’s useful to be able to have a step-by-step problem-solving model that will empower you to successfully prepare for and tackle a variety of professional challenges and situations. Our module Plan and Prepare for Difficult Conversations will equip you with effective planning strategies to systematically identify tangible solutions to the barriers and challenges you face, increasing resilience and improving performance and results.

Resilience & Grit

Do you, or one of your colleagues need more help to work effectively under pressure? How can you help people to build the resilience to manage and cope with situations which they may never have previously experienced?

The modules in our Resilience & Grit performance area could really help. Our unique range of modules adapt the secret formulas and strategies actors use to build and develop resilience into a range of tools that will help professionals perform more successfully in even the most difficult and demanding work situations. The modules include: