Stay composed & project confidence

A calm sea does not make a skilled sailor.

Franklin D. Roosevelt

It can be incredibly frustrating to not perform at your full potential because of nerves or anxiety but… intense emotions can’t be stopped, only managed better.

This module reveals the secret tips actors use to control their behaviours to project belief and inner strength – helping you to silence the voice of doubt and confront any difficult individuals or challenging business situations with more confidence.

Participants discover unique skills that enable them to take control of their behaviour to channel nerves and manage emotional reactions to deal more effectively with stress and anxiety. They learn how to instantly project authority, confidence and self-belief so they feel more empowered and improve personal performance and happiness at work.

Participants outcomes:

  • Manage negative or intense emotions more effectively
  • Control emotions and project professional behaviours
  • Increase confidence in challenging situations
  • Face up to any problem person or situation quickly and directly
  • Project self-assurance and confidence to all levels in the business
  • Project confidence in my own judgement or ability
  • Project calmness and authority in difficult, confrontational or stressful situations
  • Deal with nerves better
  • Project confidence and be more at ease in social and business situations
  • Communicate more easily with others
  • Deal more confidently with challenge, belligerence and aggression
  • Contribute more confidently in discussions, team meetings and client engagements
  • Stop the fear of failure inhibiting performance
  • Maintain composure under pressure

Delivery Methods:

  1. Learning workshop
  2. Embedding products

What our clients say

I learned a lot in a very short session. All very practical and easy to apply when you practice and remind yourself of the Method.

Gerdi Strydom, Senior Director Value and Market Access, Galapagos

Engaging program. Great skill based session that showed instant improvement.

Jason Green, Associate Director Sales, Biogen

Pushed us very far out of our comfort zone but made me feel it was a safe environment to do so. Made me self-reflect a lot.