Hello and Welcome.

We create Star performers in business roles through a unique performance enhancing system.

Drawn from the world of acting, our exclusive behavioural toolkit builds your capabilities to embody your best, “high performing self” and deliver more impact and value… when it matters.

Our founders worked for 25 years in professional theatre and film and our expertise brings a unique perspective on how to be more successful in what you do at work.

We know… if you understand how to control your behaviour, you can control how others judge your performance.

What We Do

Matured over 15 years, The Method is a comprehensive solution that enhances personal performance in five key areas…

Recommended Programmes

Partnering with our clients we have evolved a range of learning programmes for different populations, levels and functions designed to meet the specific business challenges you face.

Who we are

Our expertise in theatre means we have reimagined the actors transformational process to create The Method: a unique performance enhancing system, for professionals.

  1. 1 PURPOSE fix your focus and motivation
  2. 2 BEHAVIOUR take control of how others see you
  3. 3 PERFORMANCE deliver a new professional legacy