How to influence at all levels

Some business relationships come naturally; most have to be nurtured

At work, we must communicate with people in many different roles, both internally and externally, and at different levels within an organisation. Often, in short meetings, a strong rapport must be built within a short span of time – particularly if they are a potential client you are trying to deliver a strong first impression to.

Actors are masters at building authentic and trusting relationships between themselves and other characters – even if they have only just walked onto a set. Our programmes focusing on influence use practical skills to deliver a range of powerful behaviours and techniques designed to increase powers of persuasion and nurture better relationships in virtual or face to face business situations.

Classic communication types

Have you ever found it easy to connect with one type of person, who warms to you quickly, whilst another might be a little distant? This is not uncommon.

In an earlier blog, we explored how you can ‘Be more chameleon‘. Here, we explored the importance of understanding how people communicate. By understanding your contacts communication style, you will be able to adapt your own approach accordingly.

Project the right behaviours

This is easier than you may think but requires active practice. Whilst it may be tempting to use our “natural” communication style, by authentically adapting approaches and behaviours, we are able to relate more effectively with others and excel in persuasive communication in any virtual or face to face interaction.

Adopt the right language

From verbal to body language, adopting the right language can shape the message for the recipient. In our programmes, participants learn how to instantly adopt new language styles and vocabularies to embody any business persona to improve performance in a specific difficult work situation.

Become the type you need to be

Successful business leaders and influencers understand that one influencing style is not enough. By following the above steps, they are able to adapt their behaviours, language and more in order to maximise their influence, and get the most out of their interactions.

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