Understand influence & types

Become like water my friend.

Bruce Lee

Successful business communicators know one influencing style is not sufficient.

This module is ideal for “rising talent” and equips participants with a clear understanding of the different business “types” you engage with at work, and how to communicate using the emotional triggers that drive and motivate them.

Participants discover powerful and effective techniques to authentically adapt their “natural” communication style. They learn different approaches and behaviours to engage more effectively and influence each personality type – allowing them to strengthen diverse business relationships and get more from every virtual or face-to-face interaction or situation.

Participant outcomes:

  • Flex my communication style authentically and quickly to influence different personality types
  • Consciously adapt my behaviours to engage and build successful business relationships
  • Relate well to all kinds of people, at all levels, inside and outside the organisation
  • Understand the four main communication styles – and why people respond using them
  • Identify the positive and negative behaviours of different communication styles
  • Identify my own communication style and understand how it impacts others
  • Understand the drivers and reactions of other styles
  • Recognise which of the styles I find most challenging to communicate with

Delivery Methods:

  1. Learning workshop
  2. Behaviour change workshop
  3. Embedding
  4. Coaching
  5. Testing

What our clients say

Role play was very useful – but uncomfortable to do. Great to see how people react, how you yourself react, and how applying the 1st law can help you.

Alison Warbey, Group Tax Manager

I really enjoyed the experience and was definitely pushed out of my comfort zone. I liked that I was introduced to new skills I can apply.

Hannah, Sales Executive, Reach Work

Good experience in reaffirming who we are as individuals and being mindful of behaviour in different situations.