From campus to corporate – graduate development

Taking on graduate talent is a fantastic chance to grow your business and mould the minds of young professionals. It’s also an opportunity to shape the next leaders in your business. So what elements of your graduate development programme are your standard choices? What new parts are you testing out this year?

Effective graduate development needs everyone’s commitment

Running a graduate development programme requires a good amount of time and energy as well as commitment from both senior management and the HR department. So it’s not something to be gone into lightly.

A well thought out and executed graduate development programme reaps dividends for both your organisation and your new intake. Bear in mind the graduates you recruit and develop may indeed become the future leaders of your organisation. So getting your graduate development programme right is crucial. Not only for your new intake but the strategic direction of your business.

Graduates are a very different breed to an employee with a couple of years experience under their belt. They are often very ambitious and very eager to impress in their first role. What they do have is very high expectations of their skills and knowledge and often require quite a lot from your company in return.

How does your graduate development programme attract the best graduates?

How will it nurture and make the best use of them? And more importantly, retain the best future rising talent for your business? Often new graduates need more help and support with finding their professional ‘identity’ so incorporating some elements of this into a structured graduate development programme may really help them.

If you are thinking about a ‘building your personal brand element’ into your graduate development programme you need to consider:

  • Define and develop an ideal Personal Brand
  • Understand what a Personal Brand is and why it is so important
  • Understand how to embody a Personal Brand in everyday work situations
  • Embody a Personal Brand and deliver ideal performance, even in difficult work situations
  • Consciously adapt behaviours to reflect a Personal Brand in a variety of work scenarios
  • Project the ideal me and reflect your Personal Brand with senior stakeholders

Personal branding is all about really living your values and packaging yourself in the best way possible to achieve your goals.  And as most new graduates are often blank canvases in this regard, it makes synergistic sense that shaping their experience of this helps both parties.

Need more help supporting your new graduates?

Our unique module From Campus to Corporate helps new graduates shape and develop the behaviours that are vital for a successful transition from campus to corporate working and accelerate their ability to contribute real value to businesses.

This programme provides an exceptional foundation for the beginning of their professional journey. It’s a simple, instantly applicable process that will empower young graduates to build a positive and long-lasting reputation for excellence, from the moment they walk through the door.