From Campus to Corporate

We help graduates develop essential attitude and communication

We help graduates develop the essential attitude and communication behaviours required for a successful transition from campus to corporate working and accelerate their ability to contribute real value to businesses. These programmes provide an exceptional foundation for the beginning of their professional journey.

Developing self-awareness and the understanding that the behaviours exhibited early on define how you are seen and judged as you begin your journey as a professional. It’s a simple, instantly applicable process that will empower young graduates to build a positive and long-lasting reputation for excellence, from the moment they walk through

This programme provides an exceptional foundation for the beginning of their professional journey.   

  • Define and develop an ideal Personal Brand
  •  Understand what a Personal Brand is and why it is so important
  •  Understand how to embody a Personal Brand in everyday work situations
  •  Embody a Personal Brand and deliver ideal performance, even in difficult work situations
  •  Consciously adapt behaviours to reflect a Personal Brand in a variety of work scenarios
  •  Project the ideal me and reflect your Personal Brand with senior stakeholders

What our clients say

Very insightful and useful. Will help me better succeed in the workplace.

Annabel Parkinson, Walgreen Boots

What a fab day! Fun, informative and really, really helpful for starting my new role within the company.