Why should I spend time on presentation rehearsal?

An actor would never dream of stepping on stage without rehearsing and rehearsing and then rehearsing more.

Rehearsing a presentation may be something you feel you can skip, or believe you can wing it once you’re in the room. Taking time to perfect your presentation will pay dividends not only in your confidence but also the ability (and willingness) of your audience to remember the key points in your messages.

But why is rehearsing your presentation so important?

You’ll tower above your peers

Rehearse enough times and you will transform into a presentation rockstar. The majority of people may do a quick run through of their material, but they won’t put in the effort that really makes the difference.

Confidence boosting

The more run-throughs you do the higher your confidence will become. You’ll be ironing out the glitches in your speech, delivery and content and each time improving your confidence for the real event.

Improves body language

Rehearsing allows you to test the impact of your non-verbal communication. How you stand, hold your arms, head and what facial expressions you use throughout the presentation have a profound impact on your delivery. With practice you will be able to test different non-verbal modes of communications and tweak each one until you’re happy with the results.

So commit to rehearsing your presentations several times too. You’ll thank us, we promise!

Invest in presentation rehearsal and you’ll benefit from increased confidence and be able to easily brush those nagging nerves on the day. You’ll be able to gauge your energy levels and more effectively plan your delivery on the day. If you know your presentation and how you will deliver it inside and out, you’ll roll with the punches if a slight hiccup occurs on the day. The time you invest in practice and rehearsal is never wasted and will benefit you in ways you probably haven’t even thought of yet!

Need more help with presentation rehearsal?

Then our brilliant module Presentation Rehearsal is the programme for you. This module offers the ultimate one-on-one or team rehearsal experience. We coach you, to the highest performance standards, to ensure you impact your key messages with power, confidence and conviction and deliver a brilliant and memorable “Tour de Force” virtual or face-to-face presentation.