Why rehearsal role plays are brilliant – interview with an actor


We explore our use of real, experienced actors to strengthen the messaging of ‘The Method’.

Actors are masters at role play. Whilst many delegates may be sceptical, they come away with so much more to reflect on and learn and are often impressed by the outcome.

Was not looking forward to it at all but ended up really enjoying it. Didn’t feel like role play, it really felt like the real thing.

Pete, Product Owner

We interview one of our brilliant role play actors Amelia, who gives a great insight into what it’s like to do role play through the lens of an actor who also discusses how she supports her delegates.

“We challenge each delegate individually, so if we sense that they are struggling…or if they need more challenge, we subtly work on that, so we try to tailor each roleplay…so that they come away with enough challenge and enough learning for them”.

Really useful and tangible learnings. The slow approach to allow for consolidation and embedding of tactics worked really well.

Sarah Windsor, Senior Project Manager, iCrossing

Day 2 was excellent – seeing others act out the challenging scenarios really brought it to life. The acting was incredible!

Nick Haigh, Head of External Communications, BAE Systems

Truly amazing and inspirational!

Ian Rampton, Head of Service Delivery, NEST