What leader do you want to be?

It’s a question often missing from leadership development, or briefly mentioned at best. But it’s arguably one of the most important aspects of leadership. What type of leader do you want to be and what type of leadership legacy would you like to leave behind?

Many leaders no doubt have thought about the type of leader they’d like to be, but far fewer have defined in detail a plan to get there. What actions would they take to guide their behaviours and what does success look like when you achieve the type of leader you aspire to be?

What’s your leadership style?

Does your leadership style lean towards the more collaborative, democratic style or are you more comfortable with taking charge and being more autocratic. If you get excited by improvement and performance and channelling untapped potential, then your style may be more transformational.

Leadership planning

Whatever your leadership style aspirations are, planning to achieve it should include some of the following:

  • Defining the type of leader you want to be
  • Knowing how that aligns with your organisational purpose 
  • Being self-aware, reflecting on your own behaviour and asking others for feedback
  • Being able to self-regulate your behaviours
  • Realism and sustainability in achieving your goal

Create an authentic leadership legacy

Exceptional leaders can comfortably project a unique, “authentic self” that others trust to be a genuine reflection of their true values and self.

Our unique module Create an Authentic Leadership Legacy provides a thought provoking and empowering template to consider and identify how your personal values and professional ethics can form a leadership “self” that is true, unique and 100% authentic and drives performance and ensures you leave an exceptional leadership legacy.

You’ll learn how to make conscious, observable changes in behaviour to authentically and consistently project the ideal leadership legacy.

Participants outcomes include:

  • Create a practical understanding about how to authentically embody the leadership values I aspire to
  • Take control of how others see me and leave an outstanding leadership legacy in every business interaction
  • Critically reflect on my own values, behaviours, and commitment to improving professional performance
  • Explore the values that define top performance in my leadership role
  • Translate the leadership values into tangible, observable behaviours

A great learning experience, very interactive and fun. The style of the course allows the participants to be totally at ease and makes contributing easy.

Jo Margison, Resourcing Director, Reed

Engaging program. Great skill based session that showed instant improvement.

Jason Green, Associate Director Sales, Biogen