Using your impactful voice in virtual meetings

There are certain people we instantly trust and want to listen to, aren’t there? And that’s true in person as it is in a virtual video or even a good old fashioned telephone call.

As an audience we have a gene that tells us that if something is louder it’s usually worth listening to. Confident people deliver their messages with real strength and clarity. So ask yourself, could I be louder? The answer is almost certainly yes. Here are some more tips to make a strong impression and more impact using your voice in any virtual meeting or presentation.

Slow things down

Speak more S.L.O.W.L.Y … and pace your vocal delivery.

Speak more clearly

Pronounce each word clearly. Don’t clip the ends of your words, especially at the end of your sentences. It’s very easy for a ‘can’t’ to sound like a ‘can’, more so if you factor in sound problems and variations in internet connections and multiple speakers in a virtual meeting.

Pause for effect

Use pauses cleverly. Don’t rush your speech, pause after key messages for impact. Silence is very powerful.

Use a quality microphone

Don’t get scuppered by poor technology, make sure that you can be heard properly with a good quality microphone.

To help you gauge the impact of your new vocal delivery talents you need to practice. Record your dialogue and play back and adjust until you are happy with the results. As with many things, the more you practice, the easier and more natural your new impactful voice will become.

Challenge yourself today, to work your words more than you normally would. Give more volume to your voice, this way your messages are sure to land and will have a huge impact in the workplace and beyond.

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