Using embedded learning in the workplace

Embedded learning is a fundamental part of our unique 4 stage behaviour change process. 

We’ve long been advocates of both the effectiveness and the absolute need to continue the learning process after the official training ‘in the classroom’ is done.

If you want effective and sustained improvements in performance, learning by doing is no longer a ‘nice to have’, it’s a fundamental ‘must have’.

Real time learning on the job

Embedded learning takes place within the specific context in which job tasks are actually carried out. It’s learning ‘on the job’ in real time. And it’s a very impressive concept. More powerful than traditional learning, embedded learning encourages the learner to be more engaged in a task and more motivated. They have a deeper understanding of the context and impact of the training – it makes it real for them.

Dramatic performance improvements

In our view, enabling continued and sustainable learning and impact really does come when participants are back in their workplace. That’s where the true test of any embedded learning is seen. And where dramatic individual performance improvements are really felt.

But designing an effective and engaging embedded learning solution isn’t straightforward, or often easy. It takes time, expertise and collaborative working with the client and their people to get it really right. We’ve always approached our learning solutions and work with our clients from this standpoint. And we’re constantly developing and learning – which is where the fun is!

A demanding L & D market

There are strong pressures from the marketplace too. Clients and learners want short programmes and workshops. They demand blended learning, content that works with the demands of work and to fit around already crammed diaries. As L & D providers we have to listen to this and be flexible and adaptable to what our market is demanding.

So the call to get more impact from your learning budget, couldn’t be louder. Fitting in with what your clients are asking for and working with their work styles really is the way forward. Even more so in these remote working times. 

Taking the actor’s lead

All our modules are designed using our unique 4 stage version of the actor’s behaviour change process. Which by its very nature includes a great deal of embedded learning with a strong emphasis on rehearsal and practice. We also aim to make the whole experience for the learner as fun, exciting and engaging as possible using a variety of experiential learning techniques too.

Expert tools and techniques

Our experiential learning goes a whole lot further than keeping the participant focused. We use a variety of tools and techniques to support our participants’ practice and use their newly learned skills in real time, back in the workplace.

Whether that’s harnessing the power of mobile technology with our interactive rehearsal app, expert 1-2-1 coaching or tailored immersive role-plays. We are always working with our clients to refine and develop the most effective and authentic learning solutions.

Like to find out more?

If you or any of your team need help creating and delivering embedded learning into your organisation, we’d love to help. If you have a challenge in mind please get in touch with us here.