Trainer Update – October

Helping senior leadership in UK recruitment create new and engaging presentations, and supporting a large American bank to transition from face-to-face to virtual – here’s Rob Welling our Senior Communications Trainer with a quick update …

Senior leadership team in recruitment – creating engaging presentations

This week we’ve been working with a large UK employment agency working with their senior leadership team and this week it’s all been about creating new and engaging presentations. How can you really stretch the form, how can you really stretch the barriers of what you can do virtually to still make things engaging and to actually keep your audience on their toes, and how can you ensure that is delivered in an interesting way.

Large American bank – refresher face-to-face into virtual communications

We’ve also been working with a large American bank on a programme that actually started face to face that’s then transitioned into virtual. We were giving them a refresher on some core communication skills that they learnt many, many months ago but now they need to deliver in the virtual world .