Tips for online sales energisers

Energising participants in online workshops or meetings is really important for any facilitator.

But when it comes to your sales team who may really need a boost in motivation and a well needed re-boot its often pretty critical. And for sales teams that work across the UK, or even globally, online conferences offer an opportunity to connect.

Sales energisers are hugely popular in January. They are a great way to get sales teams together, motivate and re-focus for the New Year.

If you are thinking about running your energisers online this year, the below tips will infuse your event with that special something to truly engage and deliver with impact!

Tips for running an online energiser

Zoom fatigue is real. Working at a screen with back to back virtual meetings is pretty draining. And if your team are also missing out on the buzz of face-to-face pitching and meetings, they’re going to need some help.

Even though you are not all together this year in person, you can still incorporate the same fun elements you would use in a live energiser setting, in your virtual one. So don’t be shy to bring on elements that encourage physical activity, having fun and energising with games.

Planning – have a purpose

Participants only really bring their A-game when they are actively engaged and have the energy and desire to get involved.

So it’s critical to ensure your online energisers are not only an enjoyable and productive experience, but have a clear objective.

Content and skills

Balance your meeting content and participants skills and personality with appropriate games and fun stuff.

Online energisers and meeting games are designed to help people loosen up, get people working together while not feeling as awkward as they might normally do in a standard video call.

When picking your online games it’s worth looking at your agenda. Think about what style might work for your team. Think about the content you are covering and balance that with an appropriate game.

For example with a heavy discussion piece you may like to follow with a non-verbal or physical game. If you have lots of visual thinkers in the group try an energiser with a drawing element.

Or you might just decide your team just needs some light relief to recharge. There are lots of online energiser games for that too!

Online mix it up

Take your pick of online sales energisers. Warm-up, fun and games, skills-based or online team-building.

Even though you’re not physically all together, don’t forget to build in physical elements into the energiser. They really help lift energy levels, get participants out of their seats (webcams enabled of course!). They’re a sure fire way to wake everyone up, get them to take notice and engage.

Tell some stories

We’re born storytellers, and storytelling is a natural way to engage everyone to connect. Take some time to get everyone involved in telling a shared story, and throw in some fun elements and improvisation too.

Storytelling is a simple one to implement too. It doesn’t need anything more involved than video software, and someone to write the story down.

Pick a shared topic, maybe something to do with the company or just make it fun and neutral with a really silly subject.

Whatever you decide to include in your online sales energiser, have some fun make it great and start to the year as you mean to go on.

Like more help with conference or sales energisers?

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