This weeks Trainer Update …

This week brought to an end two programmes we’ve been running concurrently for one of our regular clients – a large digital marketing agency – here’s a quick update from the training side of things …

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Digital Marketing Agency – translating face to face to virtual communication delivery

This week has brought the end to two programmes we’ve been running simultaneously for a large digital marketing agency. We split them into two, one of the groups we were working with were the clients more senior leaders. The other group was working with their rising talent – the people the client were hoping to push through into the more senior roles as they developed.

It’s been a really enjoyable programme we’ve worked over a number of different modules from communication types to impact to actually how to understand influence and flex you own style as well. It’s been really enjoyable, all programmes were delivered virtually and really successfully.

In fact lots of the participants have commented that it translated really well from face to face to virtual. This was something that we ran with the same client in a face to face context but in fact most of them have said that they’ve enjoyed it even more with the intimacy and the coaching style that we’ve managed to put across in the virtual setting as well.