Talent management – what’s your approach?

How do you ensure you hold on to your rising stars? Most organisations have woken up to the stark reality that having a solid talent management strategy in place is not a luxury anymore. The costs of not having one increase rapidly. For example, the unpredictable costs of hiring, employee on-boarding and the inevitable disruption to performance, it makes sense to invest in your high performing talent.

The role of training in rising talent management

Effective performance management and training and development often take the lions’ share of most organisations talent budget. And quite rightly so. But when it comes to sourcing effective rising talent training and development programmes, the marketplace has a wide and often baffling range of choices.

We’ve found the worst Rising Talent programmes seem to simply deliver little more than generic ‘Management’ modules. The best aim to create great leaders for the future. Most attempt to equip the Rising Talent for success in future vacancies – helping to retain talent by creating a sense that real career opportunities exist within the company.

Equipping your rising talent for success

So what is it that rising talent programmes want to achieve? Great leaders for the future? Employees for future vacancies? A sense that opportunities exist within the company? Retain talent? Perhaps all of the above and more – some certainly will be written into a programmes aims.

We think a successful a Rising Talent programme that gives participants a powerful understanding of how to demonstrate the behaviours that best reflect their company values and how a top performer in their industry behaves is incredibly valuable. Both for the individual and most importantly the organisation.

The best rising talent management programmes

In our experience the programmes that always aim to deliver this accelerated professional maturity will always be winners. For talent in a rush to progress, it is a much faster formula for success than the usual one – of slowly gaining experience through years of working.

Rising Talent – three-day behaviour change programme

Are you looking for something a bit different for your talent management strategy, then our three-day Rising Talent programme will definitely be of interest.

Using our unique modular behaviour change programme your rising talent will dramatically grow as individuals, increase in confidence and follow a path for their talent to flourish. The programme is designed to help well-established, talented and committed team members rise through your business.