Mobile learning – anytime, anyplace, anywhere

The use of mobile learning in the workplace has skyrocketed in recent years. This comes as no surprise really alongside the demand for a more blended, flexible ‘just in time’ requirement from both clients and learners alike.

The definition of mobile learning is the delivery of learning or learning support via mobile technology, most notably smartphones. But the focus is quite clearly the mobility of the learner interacting with a portable device rather than the mobile device itself.

Listening to the market demands

Learners and clients demand flexibility and for their training to fit with the demands of the business. So, bite-sized training modules and blended learning are just standard delivery requests. There is also a huge demand for content variety; interactive and flexible short bursts of micro learning to engage learners and increase the effectiveness of any training.

Creating learning synergy

The appeal of just sitting at a desk or in the training room for hours now looks highly unappealing compared to the easy to consume, quick to deliver approach of ‘just in time’ workplace learning.

Combining the best of formal learning and work-based learning is where mobile learning has seen the best results. Used effectively mobile learning ties workplace and formal learning experiences closer together and dramatically increases the effectiveness of both. 

Benefits of mobile learning

Mobile learning is a fantastic tool for businesses to facilitate cost-effective learning. But it also makes the whole learning experience fun, engaging and rewarding for the learner, too.

And with the current shift from face-to-face learning to more remote options, mobile learning has a number of distinct advantages over its traditional counterpart …

  • Convenient and accessible virtually anywhere
  • Fast access to information
  • Great for sharing, which can be instantaneous among anyone using the same content (great for facilitating instant feedback)
  • Allows for digital content, improving the creative use of immersive and interactive learning options
  • Encourages learners to more actively engage 
  • Supports other forms of learning perfectly, from classroom delivery to one-to-one coaching to e-learning.
  • Supports the learning process and improves learners knowledge and skills  
  • Can be personalised to the learner

The overall benefits of mobile learning are very much learner centred. Just what the market and our clients demand!

How we use mobile learning

Here at The Method we love using mobile learning in our 4 Stage Behaviour Change Process. It forms an integral part of the practice and rehearsal stage where clients use our unique mobile rehearsal app.

The app delivers more than just a gentle nudge to remind participants to practice the skills they’ve learned with us. It goes further to embed new behaviours using interactive, real time challenges that fit around the working day.

Our interactive app is a powerful way to safely practice new behaviours in the work environment. It gives learners the ability to practice and ingrain new skills and behaviours beyond the training room. It delivers interactive, real-time challenges to a smartphone that can be easily integrated into the working day.


If you’d like to find out more about our Mobile Rehearsal app please get in touch here. We’d love to help.

If you have a specific challenge in mind call one of our Client Services Managers who can discuss which programme would be best suited to you