Immersive Learning and Role Play at Mazars

Guest post from Robert Welling, Communications Trainer at The Method

The age-old business question remains. Does anybody ACTUALLY enjoy roleplay? “No” is the answer we are often faced with. Fortunately, we understand that roleplay doesn’t have to be the stilted, forced, anxiety-breeding exercise that every learner loathes!

Immersive learning and role-play

We began working with Mazars to devise an exciting and challenging final stage to their management training programme, one that would complement and conclude the previous modules.

Learning through real-life scenarios

It was clear from the start that the real challenge lay in creating an emotionally charged scenario that tested the individual but was ultimately still authentic.

With our background in theatre we absolutely understand the need for the scene to have purpose and not just merely ‘go through the motions’. So that when the employee enters the room, they are met with a genuine challenge which brings them outside of their comfort zone.

Having been a part of the process from the start I felt like a secret agent when the programme went live…

Many, many moons ago you would have found me ‘treading the boards’ as an actor, but since then I’ve swapped the stage for the training room which meant I was now on the front line of the roleplay conflict!

Breaking free from role-play nerves

It proved to be the best seat in the house as I got to witness the incredible impact that the 1-1 feedback and focused coaching gave to the participants.

Without fail everyone entered the room with those typical ‘role-play nerves’, often feeling the need to formally state “I really hate roleplay”! But by the end of the session, the participants left with some specific insight into their observable behaviours, and some clear learning outcomes to work on.

In fact, many of them left with a rewarding sense of elation, having gone through the uncomfortable bit. And with the opportunity of impartial, expert coaching that was purely based on improving them, what started as nerves, ended with accomplishment.

Immersive learning with The Method

If you or your team would like some extra help embedding your learning, our fantastic Immersive Learning services. Delivered face-to-face or 100% remotely they will really help you practice and apply new skills and behaviours in your day to day interactions.

Practice makes perfect as we always say. However, it’s not always easy to do. So our immersive learning provides a unique opportunity to rehearse, practice and test new behaviours in real-time under the normal pressures of a working day.

Interactive Rehearsal APP – more than a nudge

Now your learners can practice new skills and behaviours beyond the training room and on their time-frame using our new interactive rehearsal mobile APP.

The Rehearsal APP delivers interactive, real-time challenges to your smartphone that you can easily integrate with your working day and help you embed the learning delivered in our programmes. You’ll be able to easily test new techniques, evidence the impact and measure the results.

If you’d like to find out more and have a specific face-to-face or remote learning and development request get in touch here. We’d love to help!