How we use microlearning to embed new skills

Microlearning has transformed learning and is here to stay. But we knew that already!

We love the format and use it in all our experiential learning. Our clients love it too!

With microlearning you get your learning through small bursts of content that you can easily digest in a small amount of time.

Super flexible format

Microlearning or microtraining is delivered in short deliverables, requires a small amount of commitment for each session, and involves targeted topics. It’s a perfect match for mobile learning and is one of the reasons why we have used it as the basis of our rehearsal app.

In fact we incorporate it into all of the 4 Stages of The Methods unique performance enhancing process. And use it throughout our interactive virtual webinars

What are the benefits of micro learning

  1. We learn more and retain more using short bursts of learning
  2. A perfect match for our mobile friendly lives – it’s convenient
  3. It’s faster to deliver – with shorter course delivery times
  4. Bite-sized nature, flexible and fits in with our work lives
  5. Learners find it more engaging and gives them more control over their learning
  6. Less learner fatigue – which is always a plus!

Fun engaging bite-size content

It lends itself to a variety of interactive content formats, from videos, short text, images, games and tests and quizzes.

The benefits of microlearning mean that participants can learn things in minutes rather than hours. Which is obviously a benefit to both the organisation and for the learner themselves. 

Mobile learning

And by using mobile technology to deliver your microlearning solutions learners are also able to engage with their training wherever they go. And for the rehearsal and practice element of our behaviour change process this is hugely important. It’s key to any newly learned behaviours and skills being firmly embedded with our learners.

Intrigued? Like to find out more?

You can find out more about our Virtual Behaviour Change webinars here. And if you have a specific project in mind, we’d love to help. Get in contact here or call one of our team to discuss your specific requirements.