How we can help your teams in lockdown

So in England we’ve entered a second nationwide COVID lockdown. 

Without doubt everyone is feeling the effects of this global pandemic. And for a big proportion of businesses the impacts have and will continue to be incredibly tough. Hopefully the majority of us are at least surviving and at best doing better than we expected. It really is the weirdest of times.

For many, especially in our market for L & D, the COVID imposed lockdown has been a wake up call. Many, but not all, of you may feel the same. Providers in L & D have had to act quickly and change their delivery methods and content from traditional face to face to online formats.

Some have found it easier than others to do this effectively and still maintain the type of exemplary quality their clients demand. Sadly some have not survived.

A seachange for the better?

The first lockdown came as a shock to many of us. Clients included. We’ve all had to adapt and alter quickly out of necessity.

But eight months or so down the line many businesses and employees are finding this new way of working does have it’s benefits, both socially and financially.

Some businesses have chosen to move totally to remote working, and waved goodbye to extortionate city office rents. And work from home employees are considering lush pastures green and homes in the country, moving away from cities and turning their backs on expensive and time consuming commutes.

What does this mean for the future of your teams and leaders?

Learning and development continues to have a crucial role to play in both camps. And as face to face training seems to have been permanently paused virtual training is now a firm necessity rather than just a nice to have.

If you are considering replacing your normal face to face learning for your teams or leaders with a virtual learning approach we’d love to help.

All of our unique behaviour change modules can be delivered virtually and we design our programmes around a blended learning format. We also use lots of fun, experiential and immersive elements, incorporate role-playing, one to one coaching and use our unique mobile rehearsal app to really embed new learnings and skills into the workplace.

We deliver our unique behaviour change process across the following performance areas. 

See us in action at our next virtual taster session

Or if you’d like to experience our fantastic behaviour change process for yourself join us at our next live interactive taster session on 24 November.

Our taster sessions are real eye-openers when it comes to learning delivery. They’re 90 minutes of fun, experiential learning where our coaches will share the innovative learning techniques that will equip your people with the practical tools to take control of their behaviours, and consistently deliver top performance in their role.

Or if you’d like to discuss any project or idea with us we’d love to help you select the right programme for you. You can get in Contact here, we’d love to help.