How senior IT management dramatically improved employee satisfaction

A large bank approached us with a very familiar behavior change challenge. They wanted us to help their senior IT managers achieve their goal of increasing employee satisfaction and improving their ability to interact with team members.

What we did
We worked collaboratively with the client to understand their challenges fully and define exactly the precise outcomes they wanted to achieve, and we looked carefully at any difficult situations they wanted to address. In this case, they were specifically looking at working on improving interaction and satisfaction within the team as a whole.

We knew exactly what they needed to make a dramatic change in behaviours for the IT team. We devised and delivered a fully tailored three-session programme over three days that gave them a diverse toolbox of practical theatre skills and business techniques that would help them get the sustainable behaviour changes they needed. We also supported them with some expert coaching and a safe space to practice their freshly learned skills, to help make those new behaviour changes feel authentic and instinctive for the team.  We allowed participants to apply and embed their newly acquired ‘star performer’ behaviours in real ‘live’ work situations so they would feel really confident in applying them back at work immediately.

The Results
The results were striking. Our programme significantly improved their employees’ perception of the management team and transformed the division’s performance. As will all our behaviour change work everyone left with a tangible plan of action so the impact for the client was measurable, quantifiable and long lasting. The most notable results included:

  • Participants improved across all five performance competencies, with participants rating themselves as Strong or Very Strong across 4 out of 5 competencies by the end of the programme.
  • Employee survey showed that perception of the management team that took part increased significantly.
  • They went from lowest to the second-highest performing team in their division.

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Have Fantastic Personal Impact

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