How can leaders demonstrate resilience?

Resilient leaders are held in high regard in many organisations. They are the individuals that can navigate change with ease, boost team morale in times of adversity and see things through in times of crisis. But it’s often difficult to pinpoint exactly what a leader can do to be viewed as resilient.

Resilience is often seen as an intangible and stoic trait. But what if we began to look at resilience through the lens of our observable behaviours? How can we exhibit resilience, instil it in others, and even demonstrate it when our determination wanes?

Actors know that the behaviours observed physically aren’t always related to how you might feel internally. They use a unique set of tools to help them channel their nerves, project confidence and manage the stress of delivering exceptional live performance under intense pressure and critical scrutiny. And you as leaders can learn how to harness the power of these tools too.

What makes a resilient leader?

In challenging times being resilient is crucially important, not only in your business but your personal life and mental wellbeing. Being aware of the characteristics that can help you both develop resilience in yourself and demonstrate resilience for the benefit of others is the first step.

Here are our top 5 qualities of resilience in leadership.

They lead change

Change often takes courage and resilient leaders demonstrate characters that embrace change and also encourage others to change too. They are the people that are willing and able to drive change when and where it’s most needed.

Powerful communicators

Resilient leaders are able not only to stay composed under pressure but can manage their negative emotions effectively while still being able to increase confidence and trust in others. They are able to project self-assurance in their own judgments and retain authority while remaining calm and in control.

Heroic decision makers

When the going gets tough, the tough get going. Making decisions can be difficult especially in challenging situations. Resilient leaders are able to make decisions quickly in times of stress – confidently whilst maintaining their composure.

Build trusting relationships

Resilient leaders are often well liked and respected. Resilience in leadership occurs when people can bring others along on the journey. These people are able to build strong teams and positive trusting relationships by building trust and being open to differences in opinions.

Like being coached

Resilient leaders like feedback and often ask for it. And once they have it they demonstrate a real effort to improve. They are the type of people that have a strong desire to continually improve their skills and abilities.

Like more help improving resilience in your organisation?

Our Strong Resilience & Grit performance area contains a unique set of modules that will help participants plan, prepare and perform effectively while under pressure, ensuring everyone has the skills to channel nerves, overcome obstacles and boldly pursue successful outcomes with energy, drive and resilience.