Why executive coaching can up your presentation skills game

If your senior management don’t think they need executive coaching for their presentation skills. You may like to politely ask them to think again. Wouldn’t they like to be brilliant, inspiring, charismatic, memorable and confident? Well, who wouldn’t?

Our organisations often call for confident, capable and compelling presenters. In every aspect of our work. So the ability to present well, with influence and impact can often be make or break. It can also unlock the success, or risk failure, in both your career and for your organisation.

A lucky few of us may have had some training in the past. But most of us have honed our presentation skills during our career. We’ve settled into a style that works for us. But does it really? It’s a little like driving. You tend to pick up some bad habits along the way.

How can executive coaching turn your presentation skills around?

Like it or not, we are always ‘presenting’. In the way we act, the things we say and the stuff we do. Our behaviour is always being judged. And we’re always making an impression on everyone around us. But in most business situations, the spotlight on our senior teams shines even more brightly.

The great thing about executive coaching for presentation skills is it can be individually tailored. After an initial consultation, coaching sessions are usually delivered in short manageable blocks of a few hours. Often with follow up calls to embed learning. Each coachee receives a dedicated one to one real-time experience.

Coaching helps embed the skills to consistently deliver engaging presentations. You’ll be able to consistently deliver memorable key messages that always get a buy in. If you find you’re a more able presenter coaching can also help you generate better presence and gravitas.

Some of the presentation skills outcomes that executive coaching can achieve include:

  • Speak like a leader and use expert vocal techniques to deliver messages with confidence and gravitas
  • Make people really listen – easily establish open and engaged relationships with any audience and make people receptive to your message
  • Harness the power of language – make key messages stand out and leave a lasting impression
  • Motivate and inspire – use presentations to affect energy, drive and desire.
  • Engage the imagination – creative formats to make your audience sit up and listen, activate their imagination & hold their attention throughout
  • Unlock the secret skills of charisma – learn the techniques great presenters use to mesmerize an audience and generate sensational energy in your presentation

So if your senior team would benefit from upping their presentation skills game, an executive coaching programme may really benefit both them and your organisation.

The Method – Executive Coaching – Presentation Impact programme

“When you get to my level of seniority and experience there are very few programmes that have a significant impact – but this was revelatory.”
– FTSE 250 Board Executive

Our executive coaching programmes offer a simple yet revelatory process that equips individuals with the presentation skills and techniques to consistently deliver engaging and impactful presentations. And if you’d like to find out more please get in contact.