Skills you need for workplace diversity and inclusion conversations

Issues around diversity and inclusion can be complex, intricate and very emotive.

Diversity and inclusion in the workplace is now more important than ever and it’s a conversation we’re having more regularly with clients.

As someone who may be a D & I champion in your business you often need to challenge yourself to dig deep and have, influence or facilitate the difficult, often controversial discussions needed to heal, unite and drive change.

Having the skills to marry knowledge and experience with the ability to influence, be provocative and / or facilitate in a way that engages all perspectives and mindsets including your own doesn’t come easy to most people. So it’s incredibly important when it comes to having those diversity and inclusion conversations to make sure that you stay true to your message and deliver it in the best way possible.

We know at The Method that having those conversations can be incredibly difficult and when the adrenaline spike kicks in our behaviours can often let us down. That’s why we were thrilled when a large UK bank approached us to help support their organisation-wide team of Inclusion Champions. The bank were rightly aware their newly appointed ‘Inclusivity Champions’ might encounter some difficult or challenging conversations which they may find uncomfortable and could naturally shy away from.

You can read the full case study here.

And if diversity and inclusion is a conversation that you are having in your business then why not get in touch and let us help you take control of your behaviours and deliver the right message in the best way.