Creating a culture of belonging: Are you looking for culture fit, or a value-add approach?

Recent research from the CIPD with Reed shows that almost half of UK’s employers do not have an inclusion and diversity strategy in place. Experts like Nicholé McGill-Higgins, however, are in place to drive positive change benefitting company and people alike.

What a brilliant 30-minutes with so many takeaways! In our conversation earlier this month with the fantastic Nicholé, where we shared some of her personal experiences in delivering inclusivity within the workplace, as well as how to overcome barriers to implementing inclusivity strategies.

A must-watch for anyone with an interest in creating a culture of belonging in the workplace, you can now view the recording on-demand below:

Many thanks to the talented Jessie Dhaliwal for allowing us to share their sketch highlighting the many key discussion points from the webinar:

The Power of Experiences

Nicholé explored the importance of lived experiences in shaping cultures of belonging. “I talk about lived experience being really important. It can’t be discounted, because you could say something to me with, with the purest intention, but the impact may be the opposite and I can’t tell you how to feel and vice versa.”.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: The Immersive Experience shares stories and experiences of people from different backgrounds and D,E&I challenges. By sharing the viewpoints of others, we heighten individual awareness about how the unconscious biases we can all carry can sometimes reveal itself, and the effect that can have on others.

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