How to create amazing personal & presentation impact

The ability to communicate confidently and clearly is a life essential sklll, and actors are masters of communication.

Whether that’s distilling a performance into the lens of a camera or hooking and grabbing an audience through a radio broadcast, actors have perfected amazing techniques to really hold any audience through technology even if they’re not present or live.

Many people lack confidence on camera

Even though we are spending more time on video calls, being confident in front of a camera may not come naturally to us. This can often mean your message gets lost.

Day to day pitches and presentations might lose their impact and leave your audience totally disengaged, which in a highly competitive environment can be hugely damaging.

At our Personal & Presentation Impact programme participants learn exactly how to:

  • grab people’s attention and make a fantastic first impression
  • deliver remote meetings and presentations with confidence and control
  • make inspirational business messages with conviction
  • create interesting and engaging spoken messages, and
  • leave a long lasting and positive impact after all virtual meetings

Our Personal & Presentation Impact modules

We have five fantastic modules that can be delivered alone or mixed and matched with any of our other modules to create dynamic programmes that will accelerate behaviour change and deliver top performance. Each programme will of course be tailored to meet your specific challenges.

Fantastic couple of days – really improved my confidence generally and particularly with presentations! Thank you, Syane!

Caroline Graham, HR Data Protection Administrator, BAE Systems

Bring continuity to holding virtual meetings.

Ched Hill, Area Business Manager, Biogen