Which communication skills make a great salesperson?

The root of sales success is being able to gather the right information and present this in the most compelling way possible to a prospective customer.

Well, that sounds fairly straight forward right?

But here’s the catch. 

You can put together the most amazing sales pitch imaginable (in your mind), but you will fall flat if you can’t get your prospect to talk to you. Let alone listen to what you have to say. The bottom line is, the level of how good your sales communications skills are will either make or break any deal.

Sales communication is a two way street

Communication in sales as with every other form of communication is a two way street. You need to really be attuned to your prospect. To understand what they say, or what they don’t say, during the sales conversation. Good sales thrives on communication, from the opening pitch to closing the deal. So how effective your communication is with your prospective buyer is critical.

But as sales people the message we deliver is not all about what we actually say, but what the other person perceives we say. A significant proportion of our communications are non verbal. So to get really successful with sales communications you need to master both verbal and non verbal skills.

And the better you get at both of these the more sales success you will have.

Great sales people use a variety of techniques to persuade customers. Here are our favorites:

The great opening

Your opening sales pitch can make or break the deal. It’s the first thing your prospective customer will hear. It’s your opening line and your verbal business card.

You only have a few minutes to grab attention and start to establish rapport. So make it short and have a clear message. It’s good to have it nailed down before you meet your prospect, so practice your delivery beforehand. 

Creating rapport

When you build rapport in a sales context it’s best to strive for a sincere connection. Be yourself, be friendly, find some common ground and show genuine interest in what the prospect has to say.

Always listening

Pay full attention. We’re all busier than before and attention spans can be short. Don’t let yours be. Always be listening to what your prospect or client is saying. You have to not only listen but practice active listening, otherwise your conversation won’t really go anywhere.

Passionate about your brand

If you want your prospective customer to be passionate and show interest in your brand, you need to connect with them on an emotional level. You need to know your product or service inside out, the benefits and solutions it can bring to your customer. It’s often very useful to create a compelling narrative or story around your product that is reflective of your brand but is also relevant to the end user. 

Body language – yours and theirs

It’s true that we can say anything we really want, but our body language often gives away our true intentions. So be mindful of the way your prospect is sitting / standing. Do they maintain eye contact? What does their body language give away about how the meeting is going? Likewise be conscious of whether you’re maintaining eye contact, smiling naturally, not slouching and using open body language.

Need more help with communication skills for sales?

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