Our in-person learning gets you out of your chair – literally!

But I Like My Chair…

Business events around the world are united by one thing: everyone sits down when they get there. Unless really encouraged, they will try and stay in that chair until the coffee break.

An easy way to manage energy in your room

Now, the title of this article gives you our opinion of this, but let us explain why. Maria and Pia, two of our highly experienced trainers give their opinions on why we get you out of our chair.

Here’s Maria’s view:

And here is Pia’s business training video:

One of the reasons why we get our participants out of their chairs in the business training room is to manage their energy levels. In other words, standing up makes you more receptive and engaged. Sitting around for hours on end has the opposite effect.  Which is not conducive for effective learning.

Understand how behaviour changes ‘feel’ and get live feedback

Another reason is that this is essentially the best way to practice making observable behaviour changes, which is what we are teaching and coaching in our business training room. When participants practice in front of a live audience they understand how it feels when they make those behaviour changes. And they also get live feedback from the audience. Watch some of our video testimonials to see our clients in action.

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