How to use better body language in virtual meetings

Even though we are not actively communicating with people face-to-face in person making sure our body language is working to our advantage is still important in a virtual meeting.

Once we engage with someone the most impactful behaviours we read come from our body language. We’re using body language all of the time whether we like it or not and it’s actually hardwired into our DNA. So how can you be sure that the signals you are giving off are the right ones?

It’s easy to give off signals that aren’t actually helpful to us and can even come across as negative. So take control, open your shoulders, lengthen your spine and start talking with all of your body.

Here are our three top tips on improving your virtual body language.

Your virtual posture

Posture can convey a great deal about your behaviour – especially things that you may not show you in a favourable light. There are some big don’ts in virtual body language if you want a positive outcome in a virtual meeting.

If you don’t want to be seen as bored or uninterested, avoid leaning on your desk, or back in your chair or folding your arms. Instead sit closer to the edge of your chair, take up more of the screen in the camera. Remember to relax and open up your body to the viewer to make yourself fully engaged in the conversation.

Facial expressions

Don’t forget to smile in your virtual meeting, even with people you already know. Act as though you are with these people in person and not interacting via a camera. Facial expressions are very powerful non-verbal communication tools. They really help both yourself and the person you are speaking to to feel comfortable and confident – which in turn make for a better virtual meeting outcome.

Hand gestures

You often have to over communicate in virtual meetings, so hand gestures are a really useful tool for this. They help you feel and look engaged and enthusiastic about the conversation. If you’ve not used your hands before to help you communicate, try it out at the next virtual meeting and see the impact, you may well be surprised at the results!

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