New leaders from rising talent

Your organisation may already celebrate talent in all your team members, but there are always a few star individuals that stand head and shoulders above the rest.

These are the people that are often earmarked for rapid development in their roles, and careers within the company. These types of team members often come from a wide variety of functions and experience sets, but often they tend to share some overarching behavioural characteristics to look out for.

The importance of recognising top talent

Organisations who actively identify top talent increase the likelihood of retaining top talent and reaping the benefits of a more engaged employee. It’s a win for both sides in the game. There are several benefits to developing top talent like this in your organisation.

Rising talent are more likely to:

  • learn and progress faster
  • be a competitive spur to other employees
  • spot other high performers as they rise in their career in the company

Behaviours that identify top talent

They seek out leadership opportunities

Not only are high-potential employees usually great at what they do, they actively look for opportunities to grow and challenge themselves.

They take the initiative

Rising talent doesn’t wait around to be told what to do, they are eager to brainstorm new ideas and take on more work. Taking the initiative is a key aspect of being innovative, and innovation is often the cornerstone of staying ahead as a business.

They act with integrity

They are someone who consistently acts with professional and personal integrity. Integrity is the foundation of trust and confidence and essential in building exceptional relationships inside and outside your business. A key asset in any employee.

They have a high level of emotional intelligence

Whether that’s accepting that they may not always be right, to recognising their co-workers hard work , rising talent employees exhibit high levels of emotional intelligence across all aspects of work. They are able to monitor both their own and others emotions. Sets of behavioural characteristics that are very important in any potential leader.

They thrive with constructive feedback

Even though no one enjoys getting negative feedback, most aren’t afraid to receive it. None more than your rising talent, who actively seek out feedback both good and bad. They actively listen to it and consciously try to improve because of it. Constructive and helpful feedback benefits your entire organisation, and it’s very important to employees who are highly invested in your organisation and who see their career with you.

They show high levels of resilience

Under increasing levels of pressure or in crises situations these employees don’t buckle under the stress. They can calmly handle increased pressure and constructively solve problems. They may even be the type of team member that actively thrives in high pressure situations – a quality much needed in any leader.

Hold on to your rising talent

Recruiting a new employees is much more expensive than retaining a great employee. Allowing your rising talent to become so frustrated in their current role that they leave because you simply didn’t identifying their innate talents and develop them would be a great waste.

Develop your Rising Talent with The Method

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