5 tips on working an exhibition stand

Are trade shows part of your marketing and sales strategy? They can be very lucrative, both in terms of establishing and growing your brand, launching new products or services, and building your customer service offer. Not to mention having a great ability to generate valuable leads and sales. Don’t forget they can be great for team building and personal skills development too.

However, to get the most from investing in an exhibition stand you need to have a well thought out game plan in place. Without one space at an exhibition can be a huge drain on time, money and energy. Not to mention have a negative impact on your brand and a drain on team morale.

It’s all about the planning and before-show preparation

Whether you’re attending a large professionally organised event or a small local show, careful planning and training of your on-stand team will really help you attract visitors to your stand and tick all those boxes next to the goals you want to achieve.

We love working an exhibition stand at The Method, and have a well proven plan in place that works for us every time. We exhibited at CIPD Festival of Work back in June this year and ‘walked the walk’ there.

If you’re in the process of thinking about your next exhibition planning meeting here are 5 tips that really work for us you might like to try.

Fix your hook

You have to engage and inspire delegates to want to talk to you, and you generally only have a few seconds to catch their attention as they saunter past your stand. Time is of the essence so make sure you create a concise introduction that will quickly engage interest.


Practice with colleagues before the show and refine and test on the day. Test out ways to approach people, opening lines, what questions get the best response. The more you practice the better you will be at delivering exceptional performances from 9am – 5pm

Make eye contact, smile and engage – all in 10 seconds

Look happy and welcoming, but smile and make eye contact in the first 10 seconds. Always look approachable but don’t overdo it, visitors need to feel comfortable approaching you.

Qualify quickly

Again preparation is key to success on the day. Take time to really know your audience and have direct questions prepared that will quickly establish their relevant needs.

Wear comfortable shoes

Exhibitions can be tiring and you will be on your feet most of the day so make sure you wear comfortable shoes. If your feet are sore and hurt you might end up looking really grumpy. Not an attractive look when you want to engage with prospects and clients. And you will struggle to maintain the energy and enthusiasm you need to last all day.

Need some more help working your exhibition stand?

We have a selection of modules that will help you achieve your own goals when it comes down to working a stand.

Many of these modules will ensure your on-stand team are both prepared and inspired to maximise your exhibition ROI, by engaging more delegates and turning stand conversations into high-quality contacts and leads. You’ll discover skills and behaviours to represent your brand in the most positive light all day, every day and deliver a more effective and impactful stand experience. Use your marketing collaterals effectively and plan your key messages so you can comfortably connect and engage with as many potential customers as possible.