5 skills to nurture confidence in your team 

In our role creating star performers in business, we just love seeing that moment in a session where a person really picks up on how to embody confidence – it is that lightbulb moment where you see a visible change in how a person acts, and ultimately feels. 

Working closely with our amazing and very diverse clients over the years has allowed us to see that not only is it possible to learn confidence, but it is also possible to learn how to develop confidence in others.  

Are you looking to understand how best to develop these skills in your teams? Try one of our tasters to see how to do it. 

1. Cultivate a strong team culture 

There are reasons why team-building activities are a thing – teams need to feel able to communicate, share and support each other. With the right team culture, team members at all levels of seniority are likely to speak up, and share ideas where they might otherwise remain quiet.  

If you are a leader, or even just as a member of a team, by developing your own skills to flex and adapt your communication to meet the needs of your team-members you will give everyone the chance to grow and develop their confidence.  

2. Don’t micro-manage

This one is straightforward. Not only does this reduce your personal workload, this also allows other people to develop and build their skills – as with all things, confidence needs practice! 

 3. Delegate, and take people out of their comfort zone 

We encourage all participants to take a step out of their comfort zone, as this allows people to stretch and develop their skills.  

The best part is when we see people who were a little wary at first, actually enjoy it!  

Be aware, however – pushing too hard, too quickly is not advised. Get in touch if you would like to learn more about how we do it. 

I’ve come away having a label for so many of my behaviours. Hearing feedback about myself which I myself don’t believe has been incredibly empowering. I feel confident to step up and make changes"

Steve, Lead Product Designer, iCrossing

4. Embrace a culture of psychological safety – let people learn from their mistakes 

One of the team’s favourite quotes is from Franklin D. Roosevelt: “A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor.”

By delegating and stretching people outside of their comfort zones, there may be instances where mistakes are made. However, we need to encourage people to learn from them.

Once the fear of failure has been removed, people are more likely to contribute to conversations, take (calculated) risks and stretch themselves – all building towards their confidence.

5. Invest in your teams 

Support your teams and make sure that they feel supported and invested in. Not just through the provision of technical skills relevant to their job, but also through skills that they can apply in any role and activity.  

Our latest tasters, including ‘Project Confidence’ offer a free introduction to showcase how we help you instantly take control of your observable behaviours.