The Method

Our expertise in theatre means we have reimagined the actors transformational process to create The Method: a unique performance enhancing system, for professionals.



the role

We adapt how actors analyse a “character” to define star performance in your role – ensuring you are empowered and inspired to adopt new behaviours in your business role.



the role

We show you the secret skills and techniques actors use to powerfully project observable behaviour change – letting you take control of how other people perceive you at work.



the role

We apply rehearsal techniques to develop your confidence to use new behaviours in safe public situations, BEFORE we support you in “going live” to deliver your new professional legacy in the real work situations that matter to you.

Using the actor process for behaviour change gives you three main advantages…

1. It is FAST. Actors can perform multiple roles because their system significantly accelerates the time it takes to confidently adopt new behaviours.

2. It is OBSERVABLE. Actors emphatically project every behaviour so audiences are left in NO doubt as to how they “see” a character behaving.

3. It is AUTHENTIC. Actors primary concern is to be authentic when they embody “new” behaviours… and they use an amazing technique to do that.  

This is The Method, we use our transformational 3-stage process to deliver accelerated and lasting behaviour change in any role, any level.