The Exceptional Exhibition Representative


Date: September 10, 2024
Time: 11am (one hour)
Location: Zoom link sent with registration

Be a powerful force of attraction at any event…

Best result for a client: 78% increase in the number of leads compared to previous exhibitions*
Average result for a client: 35% increase in leads compared to previous exhibitions*

"Measurable improvement is their boast – and they truly delivered. More leads, improved delegate engagement, better results and a more confident and positive experience for our people. I unreservedly recommend trying this simple system."

Sarah Sheppard, Sequoia

The Method: for use in life’s difficult situations

Our exclusive training programme Exceptional Exhibition Representatives is proven to equip people with the tangible behaviours and skills they need to consistently meet and engage more exhibition delegates with confidence and charm – and quickly qualify which engagements can become high quality contacts and leads and/or closed on-stand sales.

Open to 2 L&D professionals per organisation

THE METHOD. The performance enhancing system for professionals.

*data taken from 10 most previous client engagements

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