Get Past The Gatekeeper

Control the conversation and create opportunities

This module empowers you to plan and prepare to adapt your thinking and behaviours to respond to the challenges and objections you face in getting past a virtual or face-to-face sales gatekeeper.

Participants discover how to embody positivity and grace in both behaviour and language and create an intelligent sales strategy to incrementally gain commitments from a gatekeeper to grant access to target customers.

  • Make an impact to engage with the gatekeeper so they help me
  • Successfully generate repeat access
  • Overcome objections and handle challenges – build a bank of responses to help get through
  • Effectively articulate reasons to gain access to the desired customer

What our clients say

Really engaging and have learned so many little things I can do to improve my meetings.

Sammie Grice, Salesforce Excellence Executive, Bayer

Brilliant, many takeaways for me!