Confidently Handle Objections and Close

Overcome objections and negotiate the win

This module enables you to confidently tackle customer objections and stay credible even if you don’t know the answer, or the answer is not what a customer wants to hear.

Participants discover how to remain calm and stay in control of any virtual or face-to-face sales meeting. They learn how to guide customers through a conversational structure that identifies objections and solutions to let them negotiate a win – win resolution that maintains trust and builds future sales success.

  • Tackle customer objections more effectively
  • Plan and prepare for a range of difficult objections
  • Discover a conversational structure to tackle difficult objections
  • Close a sale confidently even when the pressure is on
  • Overcome customers’ objections sensitively and constructively

What our clients say

Really engaging and have learned so many little things I can do to improve my meetings.

Sammie Grice, Salesforce Excellence Executive, Bayer

Brilliant, many takeaways for me!