Build Positive Productive Business Relationships

Actors understand how to transform their observable behaviour to instantly engender trust

This programme provides the practical skills and techniques that empower participants to develop trust with ease and grow progressive, productive business relationships.

Participants access the practical tools to present an open, positive image of personal confidence in every interaction, comfortably engage people, build genuine rapport and cultivate stronger, lasting professional relationships.

  • Instantly engage and establish trust
  •  Actively listen to show empathy and build rapport
  •  Engender confidence, trust and credibility
  •  Consciously build constructive and effective working relationships
  •  Put others more at ease and talk to others easily
  •  Allow others to feel more comfortable engaging in open dialogue

What our clients say

I hadn’t appreciated that changing the way I stand to present to a group could have such a big impact, not that the way I was standing was potentially affecting the impact of my presentation.

Vicki Foster, Head of Business Change

A very worthwhile exercise. I’m more likely to use the tools/practices going forward than I have in the past after attending some training sessions.