Be More Impactful

Actors have an amazing ability to step on stage and instantly “turn on” a performance

Actors deliver any message with power, confidence and complete conviction – even when improvising without rehearsal.

This masterclass offers advanced performance skills designed to equip you with powerful vocal techniques to make any business message sound passionate, inspiring and energised ensuring any virtual or face-to-face audience are hooked on every word, whatever the business message or occasion.

  • Make any message sound more inspiring, exciting and emotionally engaging
  • Instantly grab an audience’s attention and make them really listen
  • Instantly deliver ANY message with power, confidence and gravitas
  • Make instant changes mid-presentation to re-engage and dynamise lost or tired audiences
  • Confidently deliver any material no matter how unprepared I am
  • Communicate with power and conviction

What our clients say

Very simple but powerful skills, which can be applied to our everyday work! They were also very well taught!

Arnaldo Teodorani, Commercial Strategy Manager, Pfizer

Very positive. Lots of good tips for getting the most out of virtual meetings.