Be More Inspiring

Writers use 3 specific mechanisms to technically construct passionate and compelling dramatic speeches

Audiences believe the character speaking is 100% sincere.

This masterclass equips you with advanced writing skills and techniques to instantly articulate a compelling business vision that will motivate others and get increased commitment to your ideas.  

Participants work with their own material to transform even the most “dry” or difficult message into a personal and passionate vision that engenders enthusiasm and motivates and inspires others to buy-in to the messages in any virtual or face-to-face meeting. 

  • Create & deliver messages that are more inspiring, exciting and emotionally engaging
  • Make key messages memorable so people can share them easily
  • Personalise and humanise my message so people can relate to it easily
  • Harness the power of language to make any message sound passionate and full of conviction

What our clients say

Brilliant, many takeaways for me!

Emma Knight, Director of People & Development, NEST

Really engaging and have learned so many little things I can do to improve my meetings.