Supporting Women in Business – Reach plc

We have been working with Reach plc delivering our Women in Business programme for the last few months. We caught up with three of the participants to get their feedback on how they are using the skills they’ve learnt in their day to day work and what the impact of the training has had for them.

Mel Brodie, Editor-in-Chief for National Supplements at Reach plc

“Everyday actually. From a small amount just walking into the office and how you communicate with people, to delivering good news and also delivering not so good news. It’s actually been very useful on every level. For me, it has given me a lot more confidence about standing up in front of people and speaking. Being prepared and knowing what you’re going to say and then also being able to ad-hoc and ad-lib as well has been a great thing for me in terms of confidence. I particularly enjoyed working with the actor and going through scenarios and replaying it and also doing them in slightly different ways and seeing what the outcome is.”

Rachael Sugden, Senior Editor for Reach plc

“I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how much I’ve used the skills I’ve learnt on this course in my day to day work. There have often been times when a trigger moment has made me think ‘Oh, I should be doing this!’ The impact of the course has been pretty significant actually… the course has reinforced where my strengths lie, and very constructively shown me the areas where I can do more to improve. Which is brilliant. I’m going to be taking away significant skills that I have gained as part of the programme. So all in all, really positive.”

Caroline Waterston, Editor-in-Chief, OK! and new! magazines

“I think it’s made me look at myself and actually become more confident. As somebody who has worked in this profession for a long time, I actually can do the job and do it well, but I have finally been able to admit that following the course and that has been helpful taking the message out to other people that they need to do the same things themselves. It’s about taking that out into the workforce, being authentic, showing that you can have presence and being the confident self that you are.”