Why positive communication is critical for 2022

“According to the Office of National Statistics one in six adults experienced a form of depression in summer 2021, compared with one in 10 before the pandemic.”

Source ONS

January 2022 could be pretty tough

Emerging from Christmas with the sobering thought that COVID is the reality now is going to be really tough. But particularly for your teams and leaders working from home.

The impact of the pandemic over the last two years has been strangely unsettling for most of us and sadly for some, incredibly callous and very brutal. We’ve all been affected by the impact of COVID in one way or another.

Searching for the motivation

When the Christmas festivities fade we may be faced with the prospect of a second bleak January. How can we start 2022 with the drive and determination to make it through the next six months?

January normally is the time for some fun, workplace energisers to kick off the year. The need to prioritise motivating and boosting your people just couldn’t be greater right now. What plans do you have to help them start 2022 energised and ready to tackle anything?

Pushing through adversity

Coping with the pandemic in 2020 and 2021 has bolstered a great many skills both in our personal and professional lives. Many of our clients have told us it’s influenced their business organisation and communication strategies, how they manage resilience and mental health and wellbeing with their workforce, and even how it’s led to changes in their corporate culture.

One of the most powerful ways we’ve helped all of our clients over the pandemic is supporting their teams and leaders to dramatically and authentically boost their communications skills and impact.

There is hope for the New Year

Expert communication is the key to positive outcomes. It’s the antidote to workplace isolation, loneliness and demotivation in the hybrid or totally virtual workplace, and a whole lot more besides.

We’re experts in communication

We specialise in expert communication, and the ability to infuse warmth and energy into any business relationship. Helping organisations in a wide variety of industries help their people use professional communication skills to motivate, dynamize and inject energy and positivity into their working relationships. Whether that’s in person face to face or through a tiny screen in the virtual world.

Perhaps we could help your people too

We deliver a unique system of performance enhancing tools and strategies that help professionals instantly take control of their observable behaviours and present their best version in ANY professional communication with …

  • Improved personal performance
  • More confidence & energy
  • More resilience
  • Reduced stress, and
  • Increased happiness

With over 50 to choose from our bitesize modules fuse different sets of expert performance techniques with best practice business theory providing an array of practical tools and strategies to help individuals and teams deliver sustainable enhanced performance.

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