What makes an authentic leader?

We’ve probably all experienced leaders who only look after themselves, rather than the organisation or people they are leading. The authentic leader understands the responsibility they have been given, they put the needs of their organisation ahead of their own.

But what makes an authentic leader? How do you demonstrate authentic leadership? We’ve picked out some of our favourite traits of a really authentic leader.

Authentic leaders are genuine

They don’t act one way in private and another in public. They understand their strengths, weaknesses and emotions. They are not afraid to show vulnerability or connect with employees.

Authentic leaders are driven by the goals of the organisation

They are results oriented for the organisation, not in pursuit of their own interests or ego.

Authentic leaders are ethical leaders

They have a clear idea of what they believe to be right and wrong and strive to lead with those tenants in mind.

Authentic leaders know how to use power

They know how to use the right type of power for the good of the group, in pursuit of the results of the organisation.

Authentic leaders are exceptional communicators

They are often great storytellers and use this communication tactic to effectively communicate important messages and get buy-in.

Authentic leaders can harness a variety of communication strategies

They understand that it may take a certain approach to give clear instructions, pass along their values and inspire their teams.

Authentic leaders are excellent listeners

They understand that the world doesn’t revolve around them. They work hard to create a culture of open communication, because they understand that they are not perfect and encourage feedback on how to improve.

Need more help to create an authentic leadership legacy?

If you’d like more help with developing authentic leadership skills in your leaders our unique module Create an Authentic Leadership Legacy may be interesting.

This module provides a thought provoking and empowering template to consider and identify how your personal values and professional ethics can form a leadership “self” that is true, unique and 100% authentic and drives performance and ensures you leave an exceptional leadership legacy.

Participants discover how to make conscious, observable changes in behaviour to authentically embody the business values that drive success in their role and consistently project the ideal leadership legacy in every virtual or face-to-face interaction.