Now on demand- The Power of Stories: Drivers of Inclusion

In conversation with Nicholé McGill-Higgins, Founder of Bee-longing.

Date: 15th December 2022

Time: 2pm GMT (30 minutes)

Speakers: Nicholé McGill-Higgins, Founder of Bee-longing and Andrew Finlay, The Method.

Although the business case for diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) is stronger than ever, it can be difficult to identify the next steps to drive inclusion in the workplace.

Our latest webinar shares amazing stories of people that are making waves in the field of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion that are worth exploring.

In developing our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: The Immersive Experience, we collated hundreds of real-world D,E&I stories sourced from working professionals. We use these stories to help participants understand D,E&I in today’s business environments.

Join us this December in conversation with someone who is no stranger to storytelling herself as a best-selling author – Nicholé McGill-Higgins. As a “Positive Disruptor” Nicholé’s soul mission is to help individuals and leaders deepen their emotional landscapes to challenge current beliefs and truths in order to foster a fresh way of thinking about inclusivity and connection.

In this webinar, we will:

  • Explore her own story and why she entered the field of D,E&I
  • Highlight current activities and projects that demonstrate good practice
  • Review upcoming trends in D,E&I and their impact
  • Discover tips to keeping yourself motivated when driving the inclusivity agenda
  • Identify where D,E&I initiatives fail
  • Uncover successful routes to developing D,E &I initiatives

Speaker Bios

Accredited leadership coach |Consultant | Best Selling Author |Global keynote speaker |award-winning Mentor and Race campaigner|

Founder of BEE-Longing, by Nicholé McGill-Higgins and Changez.Life Consultancy, partnering with clients and organisations to create cultures where everyone is/feels included.

It shouldn’t have to happen to you to matter to you! – Danielle Coke

“I believe if we’re radically honest with who we are, where we’re from, and become more willing to have dialogue based upon curiosity and openness and develop a genuine awareness that “more connects us, than separates us”, we are on our way to unpacking and cultivating a more inclusive experience of what it is to be human and what belonging means to ourselves in relation to everything else.

Belonging, equity, balance and inclusion are the results of deep inner work and a willingness to challenge the status quo and power structures. We talk about dismantling beliefs and removing masks and societal labels that keep us hidden or compartmentalised but how do we do this work? It is important to dig deep into generational, societal, cultural, religious, and systemic beliefs. Stereotypes and assumptions don’t upgrade themselves; we have the responsibility to ensure that Human frameworks replace institutional structures so that learnt behaviours don’t go unchecked to become habits and “unconscious triggers”.

As a “Positive Disruptor” Nichole’s Soul mission is to help individuals and leaders deepen their emotional landscapes to challenge current beliefs and truths in order to foster a fresh way of thinking about inclusivity and connection. It is through radical self-awareness, empathy, and accountability that transformational conversations can take place making our lived experiences safe to share, be seen, heard, validated, and witnessed.

Nicholé has worked with corporate, non-profit, educational, and private sector clients bringing her engaging methodologies and storytelling skills to start and further the important journey of Bee-longing.

Andrew Finlay

Andrew Finlay, The Method

With considerable knowledge of management training and leadership development, Andrew promotes professional excellence within organisations through internal training, direct client coaching, and learning development and innovation.

Focusing on the development needs of both individual and employer, Andrew always starts by gaining an understanding of issues, uncovering mindsets and existing good practice. He then works collaboratively towards delivering effective and sustainable solutions, which could involve 1-2-1 coaching, team programmes or learning interventions.