Thriving in a virtual classroom environment

Whilst we have seen a notable increase in a return to in-person events, many of our clients still seek our virtual classroom approach. Have we found the sweet spot for online training?


Although we had a history track record in virtual coaching, we have historically been a face-to-face training company. But then Covid hit. The move to virtual delivery became a necessity – but how did we do it whilst maintaining an engaging delivery method? 

We realised that we were not going to succeed by just converting courses from face-to-face to online delivery in a webinar format, and we most definitely wanted to avoid a purely didactic approach – we engage participants, after all!

Our founders have over 25 years’ experience in theatre and the arts, and we knew that the delivery medium would define our performative style. We went to work on moving from ‘stage’ to ‘screen’ with our unique and engaging performance enhancing process.

Putting our own teachings into practice, we recorded hours of rehearsals of our modules to review and critique and worked closely with clients to create something that was truly dynamic and more impactful than other online formats.


Our in-person approach to engaging participants is to get them ‘into the spotlight’ and out of their comfort zone. This approach raises energy levels, ensures participants are more conscious of their own behaviours and leads to some amazing results and takeaways.

In our virtual learning sessions participants are encouraged to be extremely active – we ask them to be overly communicative using their mic, camera and chat to be fully-interactive throughout our sessions. 

In the classroom, we get participants out of their chairs. Whilst this is not as easy online, we bring individuals onto the virtual stage, using the online platform to place them in the spotlight. Whilst uncomfortable at first for many, we provide a safe environment which allows participants to see immediate change whilst demonstrating it to others. It is an amazing motivator and drives memorable learning.


We do not leave it there, we return with coaching and support to ensure these skills will be put to use within their own personal work environment. This approach ensures we drive observable performance improvement for your team members even when we are remote.


Our feedback from clients following our online delivery has been consistently positive, with some great discussions in our follow-up workshops.

This has been a really beneficial programme – learning a number of techniques that I will be able to implement directly in my workplace. Plus learning from each other – the way they other approaches the situations has been extremely useful.

Simon, Senior Marketing Manager

Great to have the opportunity to immediately practise the skills. Session helped to improve confidence and practise in a safe environment. It’s quite quick so not much time to prepare, so often true to life and helps thinking on the spot.

Kate, Software Engineer


We are so confident in our performance-enhancing process delivered both in-person and online, we offer free taster sessions offering immediate, visible results. Sign up for your taster to see first-hand how we can help your teams thrive in the virtual classroom environment.