Everyone has a story to tell, everyone is a writer. Some are written in the books, and some are confined to hearts

Savi Sharma, Author

How do we use storytelling in our award-winning Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: The Immersive Experience to create inclusive workplaces?

We all love a good story. From tales such as Goldilocks and the Three Bears as a child, to Harry Potter, then countless TV shows, books and movies. There is, however, much more to storytelling than a means to relax and pass time – it helps us understand the world around us and can even shape our behaviours.

Driving behaviour change

A good story compels people to change, and it has as much a place in our industry as it does on stage or screen. By impacting on the way, we feel, think and act a story, stories are able to drive action within the workplace. Sharing stories through our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: The Immersive experience, 98% of our initial participants agreed that they will act differently or do something differently towards creating a more inclusive workplace.

Source: – The power of storytelling

The right stories can inspire individuals and teams to change. By creating genuine empathy for the individuals within the story, it is possible to understand their challenges and viewpoint at a much deeper level, driving us to change the way we behave.

This is how our latest award winning experience Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: The Immersive Experience works. By sharing the stories and challenges of people, we create a more inclusive workplace with the belief that a small change in behaviour by you, can make a big difference for others.

Feedback from participants, even those who consider themselves already strong supporters of inclusion and diversity, have been amazing.

I didn’t know what I was signing up for and did it on a whim, but I really think everyone should take advantage of this program! It has been a great week and sparked some good conversations in my household.

Chelsea, Global Medical Affairs

We all have biases and need to start breaking implicit biases patterns due to lack of knowledge and understanding. The DE&I Immersive Experience can help change the way individuals think and heighten awareness to remove any biases from decision-making and perceptions of fellow community dwellers. Thank you for the DE&I challenge!

Melissa, Research Associate

Our stories

The programme is based on interviews and research, detailing working professional’s real-life experiences of DE&I issues.

Our collated stories are supported and delivered via a unique app and engaging workshop to create an immersive experience which simulates the impact of some of the DE&I issues working professionals face.

The power of Storytelling in behaviour change

  • Stories help us understand the world around us – including our place within it.
  • Stories shape our behaviour and help us learn how our actions impact on others (empathy)
  • They help us understand other people and offers insights into their motivations, challenges etc
  • Stories pass down morals and drive behaviour change

To learn more about how we use stories in creating a more inclusive workplace, get in touch.