The Method Studio

We have always prided ourselves on the quality of our training and have strived to provide the best classroom experience that we can. Our theatre heritage drives us to captivate our participants knowing that when they are engaged and enjoying themselves, they learn best.

Moving to virtual learning

We haven’t forgotten this as we translated everything we do into the virtual classroom and moved delivery to our participants through that small rectangular screen. We were 100% mindful that this could feel so undynamic.

New broadcast quality studio

Actors know how to engage and dynamise an audience whether on stage or screen so we do have a few skills up our sleeves … and a broadcast quality studio in Soho, London! We invested in broadcast equipment and a studio to ensure we could guarantee streaming reliability and high-quality sound and image in each workshop.

The Method studio lights, mic, green screen and sound faders really have encouraged us to push our performance quality and captivate from our new stage.

We are very excited about this and have plans to get the wider team trained and comfortable working in this environment too.

Watch this virtual space

We won’t rest on our laurels – watch out as we continue to develop our performance style and push the boundaries to deliver unique and impactful training from our studio. Our thanks go to the many who have joined us in our virtual sessions and for your brilliant feedback – we couldn’t ask for more!

“It’s been great working with The Method they have shown creativity and flexibility to deliver to our needs, providing visceral role plays that created the opportunity for our people to practise, rehearse and embed skills and techniques learnt as part of a wider management development programme. We also received great client service when the team quickly converted the delivery into remote learning so during the current working situation our participants could still benefit, and in fact many commented it supported strong communication in the current environment. We’ve had some fantastic feedback to date, and look forward to rolling this out to all other participants as soon as possible.”
Graham Burnett, Talent Development, Mazars

Thank you!