Leaders – Selling Your Vision

‘COVID-19’s speed and scale breed uncertainty and emotional disruption. How organizations communicate about it can create clarity, build resilience, and catalyze positive change’ *

* “Leadership in a Crisis: Responding to the Coronavirus Outbreak and Future Challenges.” McKinsey and Co Article March 16 2020

Many excellent thought pieces have been highlighting the unprecedented challenges faced by Leaders in the current crises. Much emphasis is placed on why Leaders need to provide good direct clear communication.

There is the clear risk that communication can repeatedly hit the wrong note or leave employees uncertain or unengaged by uninspiring messages.

Now as a new financial year looms in an uncertain future, Leaders must prepare  to present company visions and strategies. Their weary audience, coping with their own practical and emotional challenges at these times are wary of Leaders over promised and ever changing goal posts – it’s going to be a tough gig.

What can Leaders do that will ensure their communication will be effective?

Our top tips are:

  • Identify the requirements and needs of your target audiences and tailor and adapt your content to relate to them
  • Engage your audience’s imagination so that it gets them to sit up and listen
  • Make data or technical information engaging – tell stories to bring it to life
  • Communicate a compelling business vision, which generates excitement, enthusiasm, and commitment
  • Structure your presentation around clear goals and a call to action
  • Present with confidence as a candid and authentic leader

It’s likely there will be the additional challenge of communication in the virtual environment so on camera skills will be essential too.

It may certainly feel challenging to explain the world around you and realistically predict what the future holds. However, is there the opportunity now for Leaders to communicate their messages to foster an organisational culture that can still motivate and encourage their employees?

However long this crisis continues, is it time you communicate your vision and strategy to inspire and even prepare employees to meet the next challenge?

Could your communication now define your legacy way beyond this crisis?

Our Sell a Vision module reveals techniques used by the world’s most memorable and inspirational communicators to build and articulate a compelling vision that will motivate others and get increased commitment to ideas.

As a participant you’ll learn how to:

  • Personalise and humanise your message so people can relate to it easily
  • Create and deliver messages that are more inspiring, exciting and emotionally engaging
  • Harness the power of language to make any message sound passionate and full of conviction
  • Make key messages memorable so people can remember and share them easily
  • Increase buy-in to your ideas
  • Persuade, influence and convince people to listen to ideas and concepts