Supporting employees in a disparate workplace

Many of your employees may be coming off furlough. Many may be moving back to the office in a COVID safe environment. Some teams will still be remote. Many employees may understandably be anxious and nervous with these new changes. 

Supporting employees – the challenge

With a potentially very disparate workforce with a variety of needs, the challenge is very real. How do we support our employees in the workplace, wherever that may be, while still being mindful of safety, wellbeing and the goals of the business?

And with the Government goal posts shifting daily (or so it seems) it may be quite flippant to say that we need to be flexible, but we think this is a good place to start.

In fact, the CIPD highlights the challenge very well.

“With so much disruption from the pandemic, people’s expectations around work, how they fulfil their role, and how they reconcile work and domestic responsibilities may have changed dramatically. This is an ideal time for employers to think more creatively about effective ways of working, and harness more agile and flexible working practices to meet individuals’ changing expectations. A flexible approach could help employers develop more effective people management practices, resulting in improved productivity.”

How are you supporting your employees?

The request to work from home is with us for the foreseeable future. So the need to have an effective remote communication strategy in place is something that cannot be ignored. If you’re thinking of implementing support and training for current and returning employees around this we’d love to help.

Our virtual behaviour change modules are designed with just that in mind.

Experience our remote learning

Virtual behaviour change with The Method provides you as a learner, with a unique ability to practise and embed new skills and behaviours in the workplace wherever that might be.

We have taken our powerful behaviour process into the virtual space with an innovative series of virtual learning programmes. Each focusing on building exceptional communicators using a combination of Webinars, Rehearsal App and Remote Coaching.

All the modules in our Performance Areas can be tailored precisely for your teams needs.

Do you have a project or challenge in mind? If so we’d love to help you pick the right programme to solve it. Get in touch with one of our Client Service Managers or contact us here.