Can resilience be learned?

We say it can.

According to the Cambridge English dictionary resilience can be defined as “the ability to be happy, successful etc. again after something bad or difficult has happened.”

The last few years have proven to test every individuals resilience either personally or professionally with events such as the pandemic, petrol crisis, and other economical, political and social pressures hitting us all hard.

Using resilience in tough times

But with such chaos we have also found ourselves with no choice other than to be resilient. In order to survive and even thrive many of us have had to make sweeping changes and draw upon an inner strength that has somehow been unlocked by great adversity.

Observable behaviours and resilience

Resilience is often seen as an intangible and stoic trait, someone prepared to roll their sleeves up and push through no matter what. But what if we began to look at resilience through the lens of our observable behaviours? How can we exhibit resilience, instil it in others, and even demonstrate it when our determination wanes?

How actors project resilience

Actors know that we can only interpret a character through the behaviours we physically observe – and that this isn’t always related to how you might feel internally. Simply put we can demonstrate resilience through a number of external factors that we might not normally consider.

  • How can I project resilience through my body language?
  • Or even through the lens of a camera? 
  • What actions could you take to actively demonstrate resilience?

These are now the questions we should be asking as we look to drive businesses into a successful future.

Keeping work and personal lives separate is for most an ideal but often unrealistic goal. Our worlds have been affected monumentally and showing resilience in one area of our life can absolutely have a positive effect on the other.

Showing resilience as an individual

Not only business leaders need to learn resilience. Everyone in the workplace has to deal with adverse situations that are either in their control or completely out of their hands. A delayed shipment, or even personal bad news could lead to an individual receiving numerous calls from disgruntled clients and put a real dampener on an otherwise positive day.

How you deal with this can make all the difference. Our masterclass be more heroic is built to empower participants to face conflict and adversity with exceptional resolve and confidence and understand how best to approach situations both in, and out of, their control.

Showing resilience in leadership

A leader in business will often be familiar with the idea of resilience and overcoming adversity, but now we are leaders in our own right, kicking back at the troubled world and defying the odds around us.

Be sure to demonstrate your passion and fire through your observable behaviours and the actions you take. It’s infectious to all around you and could help turn those negative situations into learning outcomes and true drivers for your staff.

There is no better time to reinforcing the resilience of yourself and your teams, improving how we deal with difficult situations and ultimately improving our mental wellbeing.