Our solution to engaging learners is surprisingly simple

It is no surprise that the Learning and Development landscape has changed much over the last few years but there is one challenge that remains consistent, and it can make or break the success of a programme – engagement.

Getting your teams into the classroom, online or otherwise, is one thing but getting them to engage with the content is another challenge altogether.

Memorable learning

As professionals in learning you are unlikely to be surprised that a high number of initiatives prove less effective than desired. So much so that there is a model for it. Bring on the Ebbinghaus Forgetting Curve – which plans out the decline of information retention over time. With over half of information lost over just one hour, it is essential to engage learners and ensure key points are retained.

Ebbinghaus Forgetting Curve displaying the decline in remembered information
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Practical learning

So how do we overcome this lack of engagement and loss of learning? The answer is simple: Practice!

If you have read about how our unique 3-stage process, you’ll have read ’all our powerful tools and strategies are designed to be easy to apply immediately at work – from the very next day’. That is not entirely true – it can be applied IMMEDIATELY.

By practicing in-class, participants are able to see how their new skills can be applied, and this continual practice refreshes and embed their understanding in addition to showing them the practicalities of this learning in their own role.

I’ve always known that soft skills can differentiate you [from] others, but now I know the best method to improve… I now feel motivated and feeling more confident in myself.

Azwa, Senior Test Engineer

Experiential learning, or ‘learning by doing’ ensures all participants are involved, active and has multiple benefits from grasping the concept to immediate, visible improvement.

Get out of your chair!

Remaining seated is the status quo when training but we find that this leads to a drop in energy levels. We believe in the power of observable behaviours. We get you out of your seat  – physically in the room and virtually by being active in the spotlight. This energises participants, keeps them engaged and lets them be more conscious of their behaviours  whilst observed by other participants and the facilitator. It can often take individuals out of their comfort zones but leads to amazing results.

I found the course challenging, as it pushed me out of my comfort zone. However, once I embraced this and engaged more actively, I found it a really positive experience. I will remember these skills more than I would have if it had been a passive training session.

Molly, Security Consultant

Engaging, practical learning

One final tip is to make sure the training is relevant to your audience. A LinkedIn Learning report has identified the need to cater for your employees personal interests, passions and curiosities.

The Method is an exhilarating and bracing learning experience that delivers exciting, life changing training. Participants are armed with skills that they can quickly and easily use in the workplace as well as their personal life.

If you would like to experience how The Method can engage your teams first-hand, why not join one of our tasters?